INTERJURIST is an international organization of law-firms, whose main purpose is to ensure that people or entities from different countries receive adequate legal assistance and representation at all times and places.
INTERJURIST is a nonprofit association under Swiss law. This organization was founded in 1976, originally under a different legal structure.
INTERJURIST is very conscious of the importance of maintaining the highest standard of professional conduct, traditionally associated with the legal profession.
Nevertheless, we want to emphasize that professional rules vary from one country to another. Therefor each member is responsible for respecting his own professional rules.


INTERJURIST membership is open to all firms and individuals belonging to the legal professions.
Membership of INTERJURIST most generally begins when a law-firm or an individual lawyer contacts us, because his clients need assistance in a foreign country or require services in a fiduciary capacity, that our partners can offer.
Membership requires few formalities. When a lawyer or a law-firm has expressed the desire to become a member of INTERJURIST, the Board of the Association will check his affiliation with the respective national Bar Association. The lawyer or law-firm will be required to pay the annual subscription which is presently US$100.
Any member of our organisation is entitled to our assistance in all types of legal matters.
Members are also entitled to participate in our Regional Conferences, organised regularly in various parts of the world with a view to bringing together the members, from a given region. Last, but not least, our Newsletters is sent out to all members on a reg ular basis.


To choose the most suitable law-firm in a specific country for a specific need we need up-to-date information on our members in regard to their general activity and any speciality areas of work.


INTERJURIST has acquired through the years a considerable amount of experience in the legislation and legal practice of many countries.
This know-how is available to our members at all times.


Membership in INTERJURIST does not preclude the association with any form of bilateral or multilateral relationship with other law organisations.


There are many forms of association between lawyers. However, there are very few organisations, if any, that have a permanent, independent structure, whose sole purpose is precisely to serve the international needs of lawyers.
Our permanent structure gives you another decisive advantage: speed when necessary. In many cases, speed can be an important factor of the results. Our staff is there to react immediately to your most urgent requests.
Furthermore, if required, our staff will closely monitor the work of the lawyers handling the case and will inform the sending lawyer.
As an INTERJURIST member your practice immediately becomes international, wether you send a case or whether you handle one.
You can provide legal assistance worldwide. And you can expand your activities by expanding those of your clients.


All types of litigation, in and out of court, will be dealt with by INTERJURIST through its members.


INTERJURIST is pleased to count among its members a number of lawyers appearing regularly before the International Arbitration Court (International Chamber of Commerce) or before other arbitration bodies.


INTERJURIST has a long standing relationship with trustworthy and highly qualified partners in the fiduciary area. Our correspondents and their clients can benefit from this relationship at all times.